Frequently asked questions


Do you have a question about a Newly product? Below you will find a list of Frequently Asked Questions. If your question isn’t in this list, please contact us. We would be happy to help you.

  • How high do I mount the rail?

    The three wall systems R10, R20 and R30 can be mounted flush against the ceiling. However, there are other ways of mounting these. We actually recommend that you don’t mount the rail like this if your ceiling isn’t straight. If you do wish to mount the rail against the ceiling, use the enclosed drilling template which will ensure you always have the correct size.

  • How do I disassemble my Newly hanging system and then mount it elsewhere?

    In principle, the rail is intended for once-only mounting. It is, however, possible to disassemble the rail and reuse it elsewhere. Take hold of the rail with two hands; hook your thumbs underneath the rail. Push the rail upwards by a couple of millimetres towards the ceiling. Tilt the top of the rail away from you, so that the bottom of the rail comes towards you. If you reuse the rail, we recommend you use a new mounting set.

  • What colour is the rail and is this available in other colours too?

    Newly’s hanging rails are available as standard in RAL9016 or with a silver adonised finish. Would you like a different colour? That’s easy, as the rail has a special coating. Simply apply a colour of your choice to the rail – the rail does not have to be sanded beforehand.

  • In what lengths is the rail available?

    Newly’s hanging rails are available as standard in lengths of 2 and 3 metres. If you require a longer rail simply connect the rails together. If you require shorter rails, shorten the rail using a standard iron saw.