R70 – Museum Line


Newly rail R70

The R70 is a professional wall rail that has been specially developed for museums, galleries and other spaces where a heavy-duty picture hanging system is required. The rail is mounted to the wall, flush against the ceiling. The advantage of mounting the rail flush against the ceiling is that the rail is less visible. The rail consists of two parts: an aluminium basic rail and the aluminium cover. After mounting the rail, the cover is easily clicked onto the rail. The Newly R70 rail is a robust and reliable rail on which heavy pictures and objects can easily be hung. Hanging is simple with the 2.5-mm steel hanging wire and the Autogrip Lock Hook for up to 70 kg. If two steel cables and hooks are used, the carrying capacity increases to 100 kg!

R70 – Museum Line

Available in 1 colour:

White primer

A beautiful fresh white colour (RAL9016) which can easily be repainted, no special pre-treatment required.

Also suitable for all Newly 2-mm hanging wires.

If smaller pieces also have to be hung on the R70 during an exhibition, the standard 2-mm Perlon wire, or 1.8-mm steel cable offer a perfect solution. Avoid hanging smaller pieces with the Newly 2.5-mm steel hanging wire as they will swing/tilt.

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